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Chirag cattle feed was established in the year 1998, under the banner of Bansal Agro Industries. 

Chirag, a reputed name in the segment of feed, believes in delivering quality products and services. In the last 25 years, we earned fame, the name you can faith upon

Chirag Feeds

Nutritious Feed for Cattle

Chirag Feeds have been carefully crafted to provide superior nutrition for your livestock. Our feeds are formulated using high-quality proteins, with a special focus on essential amino acids that are vital for the health and growth of your animals.

Scientific Approach

At Chirag Feeds, we embrace the latest scientific concepts to create a superior feed product. We utilize cutting-edge knowledge, incorporating concepts such as bypass nutrients, research-based additives, highly bio-available minerals, and innovative processing techniques.

Our Products

Chirag 5000+

Chirag 300+

Chirag 3000+

Chirag 10000+

Why Choose Us?

Our focus is mainly on increasing pure milk and animal production capacity, which will make our farmer prosperous. 

All the products have been developed under the supervision of highly trained professionals keeping in view the potential of Indian dairy animals and the nutritional requirements of the animals.

The consumers of Chirag are not just customers for us, in fact they are a part of the Chirag family because of the last 25 years of relationship and love.

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